Article: Tak Jae-hoon, “I have no money to go gambling”…Kim Yong-ho “Then what about this?” Evidence photo disclosure

Source: Joongang Ilbo

Photos of singer and actor Tak Jae-hoon gambling in the Philippines have surfaced.

After allegations by YouTuber Kim Yong-ho on the 27th that actor Tak Jae-hoon illegally gambled overseas, the actor released a statement threatening “strong legal action over false statements.” 

On the 29th, Kim Yong-ho shared photos of Tak Jae-hoon gambling in the philippines playing baccarat and also shared transcripts of the conversations he had with Tak Jae-hoon over alleged gambling. 

The photo released on Kim Yong-ho’s YouTube channel shows Tak Jae-hoon drinking at a “Jungkit-bang”, VIP rooms where guests can eat, drink and gamble freely. 

Kim Yong-ho stated, “There is no evidence as certain as this. Tak Jae-hoon is saying that he’s going to legal action and that he’s confident in the lawsuit. He needs to stop saying reckless things like that. Tak Jae-hoon ssi, I’m sure you’re a talented entertainer but having ability is one thing and gambling is another. He knows people like him that’s why he’s illegally gambling in the open.”

He added, “The video was taken recently just before corona hit at a hotel casino in the Philippines. Are you still not going to back out of the broadcasts then? I was embarrassed to see an article of Tak Jae-hoon saying he was taking legal action over false rumors so I released the picture.”

  1. [+7,854, -424] Tak Jae-hoon, you low-level ba$tard. When Shin Jung-hwan got caught gambling you shamelessly said all kinds of things but look at that photo…basically everything Gaseyeon said is all facts.
  2. [+4,283, -565] So Gaseyeon was telling the truth after all…accept your sins, apologize and pay the penalty!!!
  3. [+3,218, -88] Since when has he been considered some prodigy in the industry? No PD has ever wanted to invite him because of the bad rep around him. He only got invited to those shows because of his friends. If this is true, he’s over.
  4. [+2,156, -61] This is why it’s important to live your life well…he can say goodbye to all that fame now. He got into this hole on his own by illegally gambling.
  5. [+2,398, -806] Moon Jae-in, Lee Nak-yeon, Cho Kuk, Jung Kyung-sim, Choo Mi-ae, Lee Sung-yoon, Kim Kwan-jung…got any videos of them too?
  6. [+651, -7] Now I can see how great of a job Kang Seong-beom is doing..
  7. [+461, -18] So that means all the suspicions Gaseyeon threw out were true after all…only the Kim Eo-jun stuff was delusion.
  8. [+410, -4] So it’s not that he doesn’t have money to gamble…he’s just making us think he doesn’t.
  9. [+362, -25] I don’t like Gaseyeon at all but to think its all true…if that’s the case…
  10. [+245, -14] YouTubers like Gaseyeon are a thousand times better than our joke of a government. 

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