Article: Wow, did you see the size of Big Hit’s new office building???

Source: Pann

Still under construction!!!!!!Nobody’s there yet!!!!

There are a total of 25 stories including the basement with 7th-19th floors above ground…in Yongsan.

Bangtan are f***ing amazing!

  1. [+153, -5] If you earned that much money because of BTS then please take care of them a bit more…change out their coordi and hire more talented staff…
  2. [+134, -2] Big Hit needs to treat BTS like royalty for life..
  3. [+119, -3] Daebak…I contributed at least one brick there..
  4. [+33, -3] F***..that money should’ve been spent on BTS outfits and meals instead. Does it make sense that BTS have to pay for their own outfits and meals and yet they’re eating out on their dime??!
  5. [+25, -1] This is so frustrating…ugh I’m so f***ing pissed. They’re just a money pit for them. 
  6. [+22, -1] So its true then that their other label mates will be going in there too.
  7. [+15, -1] You would think Big Hit would’ve made Rapmon or Jk a director or executive at leastㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. No…even if it was just one member. It’s really weird that they didn’t..ㅋㅋㅋ
  8. [+12, -1] I’d rather they take good care of their staff instead…what good does it do running a company in a building like that if the staff are criminals..

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