Article: [Comprehensive] Police, reviewing the application for an arrest warrant for Yang Hyun-suk on charges of “intimidation.” Subpoena as early as the weekend

Source: Herald Pop

Yang Hyun Suk is facing police investigation again for alleged intimidation and gambling.

According to reports on the 7th, police are considering applying for an arrest warrant for Yang Hyun Suk.

Earlier, YG was summoned for alleged witness intimidation and business malpractice (crimes while in office) regarding B.I‘s drug case in 2016. On the 6th, he was notified of police summons but refused to comply due to “press issues”. Police plan to summon him again as soon as this weekend.

Police believe that the charges against Yang Hyun Suk are not light and are considering applying for an arrest warrant as soon as possible.

  1. [+156, -9] Let’s stop now…I’m sure nothing will happen~
  2. [+110, -1] The term “innocent until proven guilty” comes to mind. If they can’t prove it then he’ll get away with it for sure. This is the rotten world we live in. 
  3. [+35, -2] Still?  ㅋㅋㅋ what have you been doing this whole time??
  4. [+29, -4] And then just let him go right..rotten police. 
  5. [+11, -0] Lee Soo-man: Seoul National University. Park Jin-young: Yonsei University. Bang Si-hyuk: Seoul National University. Yang Hyeon-seok: prostitution
  6. [+9, -1] How much has YG paid you already? Nothing will happen. 
  7. [+9, -2] The Attorney General case got closed so quickly yet this is still under investigation?
  8. [+6, -0] We really thought Yang Hyun Suk was doing good for society but he was doing all these dirty things in the back with Seungri. I hope he gets punished with karma~

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