Article: [Exclusive] Psy’s father purchases Lotte Giants pitcher Song Seung-jun’s Seongsu-dong building for 4.3 billion won

Source: Daily Economic Star via Naver

Park Wonho (70), Psy’s father, is making headlines for purchasing a building worth 4.3 billion won.

Lotte Giants pitcher Song Seung Jun purchased the building in 2016 for 2.7 billion won and sold it to Psy’s father for 4.3 billion won. The building itself is located in Seongsu-dong well-known for its celebrity sightings. Actors Kwon Sang-woo and Won Bin as well as Zico, Lee Junghyun and baseball player Lee Seung-yeol also own buildings in the area.

Psy also owns two buildings in the same area that he purchased in cash for 2.675 billion and 5 billion won, respectively.

Netizens shared mixed reactions to the reports writing,

  1. [+1,358, -10] Families of a feather flock together. Why else did you think Psy married her?
  2. [+977, -43] Comment prediction: “Why do I have to read articles like this at a time like now?ㅡㅡ”
  3. [+885, -9] I have nothing else to say. Buy to your hearts content.
  4. [+46, -1] The in-law family of Lee Man-hee’s mentor…where did you get all that money from and why aren’t you donating any?
  5. [+43,-1] Don’t put up any more articles of Psy and his Shincheon-ji family unless it’s to announce his retirement from entertainment industry..
  6. [+40, -0] So the Shincheon-ji bought the building?
  7. [+30, -0] Why are you telling us this ㅋㅋdoes it look like we want to know about that family that’s in-laws with the cult Shincheon-ji?
  8. [+23, -0] So what should we do?? Why is this reporter writing a stupid article like this like something will be done about it.
  9. [+23, -1] What a great life to be able to eat and enjoy life with cult money
  10. [+21, -1] This makes me think of those young kids who dream of being reborn as the second son of a chaebol family only to end up getting angry because their father is a dead beat ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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