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Sarangjeil Church Pastor that escaped from hospital has been arrested after 25 hours.  

An official from Seodaemun Police Station in Seoul stated, “A was caught at a coffee shop in Sinchon around 1:15am on the 19th. Upon his arrest, he was taken back to Paju Hospital in 119 ambulance. There were about 40 customers at the coffee shop at the time of his arrest.”

Police plan to question A regarding his whereabouts after he fled while under quarantine. A was confirmed positive for Coronavirus after attending service at Sarangjeil rally in Seongbuk-gu and was quarantined at the Paju Hospital when he fled by taxi at 12:20am on the 18th. He is believed to have traveled to Seoul by bus from Bongilcheon about 3km from the hospital. 

According to coroner, “if a patient refuses treatment and escapes while under quarantine, you can be sentenced up to one year in prison or fined up to 10 million won.”

Attention is being paid as to the level of punishment A will receive for violating quarantine.  

  1. [+286, -1] Sarangjeil Church is a devil trying to annihilate the good people of our country…the government needs to take strong measures to protect the public.
  2. [+171, -2] This is not a church, it’s a criminal group
  3. [+95, -0] How is 10 million won or a year in jail enough for this thug…its going to cost us more than that 10 million to deal with this.
  4. [+59, -0] I thought he was miraculously healed…what made him so embarrassed that he thought to run away?
  5. [+44, -0] How is that punishment enough…so weak. We really need to fix our laws.
  6. [+6, -0] The penalty is too weak
  7. [+5, -0] Everyone in that coffee shop needs to sue this ba$tard for damages..the coffee shops in Jongno and Sinchon should file a complaint against this pychopath for financial loss too
  8. [+3, -0] We need to file claims for the cost of his escape from quarantine including mobilizing police and property damage.

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