Source: Hankyung

Pastor Kwang Hoon-Jeon has reportedly escaped from the hospital. 

According to a Paju city official on the 18th, Pyeongtaek citizen A (pastor) who was undergoing quarantine treatment at Paju Hospital after testing positive for coronavirus was found to have fled the hospital on the same day. 

Hospital staff confirmed that A was not present when they entered his hospital room that morning at 8:00am. Afterwards, Paju Hospital officials confirmed that A left through the hospital’s front door at 12:18am after he was caught on CCTV and reported him to the police. 

Police have began tracking his location. 

  1. [+2,044, -27] Shincheon-ji season 2
  2. [+865, -10] He’s really going all the way
  3. [+669, -28] Hul~What the…isn’t he basically a terrorist?
  4. [+222, -8] Don’t bother treating him…just keep him on house arrest.
  5. [+148, -19] Because of this, I can no longer consider Christians humans..
  6. [+88, -0] Why aren’t you revealing his name and face to the public? The public has a right to know in order to stay clear of this ba$tard!
  7. [+81, -8] Wow…I’m really trying not to curse right now..but are you sure he isn’t Shincheonji? How is behavior like that considered protestant or presbyterian?
  8. [+72, -6] A couple months ago the government even banned group gatherings for meals after church services but I heard they lifted that after two weeks…what a disgusting church. They need to be disbanded from this world.
  9. [+63, -1] Please hit them with harsh punishment. We need to show an example.

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