: Seungri, who’s under suspicion of facilitating prostitution, to enlist in the army on March 9th

Source: Sports Seoul

Seungri who’s under suspicion of facilitating prostitution will enlist in March.

According to reports, the former Big Bang member is scheduled to report to the 6th Division Recruitment Training Center on March 9th.

A close aide to Seungri stated, “Seungri is quietly preparing for his enlistment notice.”

On the 4th, the Military Manpower Administration (MMA) sent an enlistment notice to Seungri, who opted to enlist instead of applying for a postponement. The MMA has stated that since Seungri is required to enlist by March 9th, he will undergo military trial for his Burning Sun charges that include alleged prostitution for foreign investors, embezzlement of Yuri Holdings funds as lawyer fees and sharing molka photos of women via Kakaotalk.

Seungri has also been accused of illegal gambling in Las Vegas with former YG Entertainment Executive Yang Hyun Suk as well foreign exchange violations [“hwanchigi”].

Netizens on Naver shared various reactions stating,

  1. [+383, -6] “Seungri is above the law”
  2. [+210, -7] “Even someone who stole a bag of snacks from the convenience store would’ve been chased down by police and jailed immediately. And yet Seungri…”
  3. [+109, -4] “Who is looking after him???”
  4. [+33, -2] “Look at this thug choosing to enlist now when its noisy due to the Corona..”

Netizens on Nate also shared mixed reactions stating,

  1. [+4,101, -49] “About the same level of trash as the Shincheonji Church”.
  2. [+3,707, -21] “At first I thought he’ll be the first one to get jailed when the scandal broke but then all his friends katalks got exposed and they got jailed before him. I didn’t think this ba$tard would be the last one standing. I thought it’d be the other way around. Was it just me? ㅋㅋㅋ”
  3. [+3,053, -21] “Jail Seungri”
  4. [+118, -1] “A criminal playing on the law”
  5. [+100, -0] “Isn’t he more problematic that Jung Joon Young?”
  6. [+96, -1] “What is the Corona doingㅡㅡwhy not catch a thug ba$tard like him”
  7. [+79, -0] “Now he’ll be lavishly catered to in the army as well..”
  8. [+69, -0] “The laws in our country are s***.”

It appears netizens are angry that Seungri will be enlisting amid his Burning Sun indictments.

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