Article: “Are you a member of Shincheonji? Please leave.”

Source: Kyunghyang

A 39 yr old social worker from Daegu is speaking out about alleged discrimination at work.

The former employee A alleges he was asked to submit his resignation because he’s a Shincheon-ji member. He stated, “As incidents of mass infection by Shincheon-ji spread, I candidly revealed that I was a member. A few days later, management called me in and asked if I had caused any harm to the company such as creating anxiety about Corona infection. The manager then said let’s end with it with a resignation. I was forced to resign from my position.”

He added, “I was so attached to the company I worked for 7-8 years. I didn’t want to cause damage so I just accepted the resignation. I thought they wouldn’t recognize me as a colleague if I went back. I heard that I would at least receive severance pay but there were many people who were fired overnight without severance.”

Another employee from Daegu B (38) and nurse C (39) also alleged that they were asked to resign because they were Shincheon-ji members.

  1. [+6,368, -367] This reporter must be Shincheon-ji. Why write an article defending those ba$tards…
  2. [+2,859, -96] They always lie when they open their mouths so I can’t trust them.
  3. [+1,669, -106] This is nothing compared to what you’ve done to this country.
  4. [+1,622, -29] What about the person that lost his job just because he caught the Corona and can’t even find a new job…
  5. [+1,563, -89] Then why did you join the cult?
  6. [+474, -10] I’m sure there’s a lot more ordinary people who lost their entire livelihoods because of the Shincheon-ji..
  7. [+371, -9] Let’s hope this Yoo Seolhee Gija that wrote this article advocating for Shincheon-ji isn’t a member herself..
  8. [+356, -6] What employer would want a Shincheon-ji member as an employee?
  9. [+289, -6] Why is he complaining right now? Because of you thugs, I’ve been sick, hurt, lost all social contact from friends and family. Do you think you have the right to complain just because you got asked to quit??!!!!!!!
  10. [+152, -5] Just look at what the Shincheon-ji have done so far. Do you think it’s good? Of course your coworkers are anxious. I’m anxious too. There’s even more people who feel wronged because of the Shincheon-ji. 

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