Article: “Young and Rich”, Jun Somi’s SUV = 250 million won?..20 yr old drives her dream car

Source: X Sports News

On the 28th, Somi unveiled her first YouTube reality show “I am Somi” through her agency YG Entertainment under “The Black Label”.

Somi revealed her graduation ceremony and celebration afterwards with friends, family members, and ‘Black Label’ staff and showed off her brand new Lamborghini SUV reportedly worth 250 million won.

Netizens shared reactions in online communities writing,

[+627, -52] It was smart of her to go solo rather than join a group since she’s making more money on her own. She’s also making good money outside of JYP anyway..

[+508, -54] I don’t think articles like this are helping her at all. I’m sorry but even her JYP fans no longer support her ever since she left JYP for YG. 

[+530, -158] At the end of the day she’s making more money and doing better as a solo under YG than TWICE is with all those CF’s they’re doing…

[+75, -13] I have not seen one single person around me say they like Jeon Somi. How is she able to land those CF’s and buy things like this?

[+48, -15] What’s her real nationality anyway??

Additional source: 10Asia via Naver

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