Article: Song Couple Reunion?… Chinese media “Song Hye Kyo put on her wedding ring again”

Source: Money S

Media are speculating that Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki are reportedly back together.

According to China Times, Song Hye Kyo has not worn her wedding ring since her divorce in July but a photo taken in a recently released pictorial shows the actress wearing a ring similar to her wedding ring with Song Joong Ki.

The photo, which is spreading through Chinese portal Baidu, is reportedly a photo taken by a magazine pictorial recently and the paper stated, “Many people want to see the couple reunite.”

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo finalized their divorce on July 22.


  1. [+7,301, -39] But too much happened during the divorce
  2. [+2,428, -63] Will they be able to reunite again without getting mad at each other? Especially knowing that she was seeing someone else…
  3. [+2,277, -383] I really thought Song Joong Ki would be like Choi Soo Jong. It’s the first time it hurt me to see a celebrity divorce. 
  4. [+1,163, -328] It’s normal for any newlywed couple to fight but if you love each other you’ll make it work. They’re both too proud so it was inevitable..
  5. [+621, -66] With Song Joong Ki’s cold personality it will be hard for them to reunite.
  6. [+482, -25] Song Joong Ki is busy preparing to film Bogota….what reunion? ㅋㅋㅋ No matter how many clicks you get to make money as a reporter you should have a conscience.
  7. [+501, -82] But didn’t the Chinese curse out Song Hye Kyo for not wearing her wedding ring? Isn’t that why she got divorced?
  8. [+423, -50] She’s a brand model, that’s not her wedding ring. Gijanim, stop excitedly writing articles without facts. You’re just embarrassing yourself. 
  9. [+370, -96] Eh…ask around…I think Song Hye Kyo has a new boyfriend.
  10. [+396, -189] Why would Song Joong Ki get back with a woman like her? He’s better off finding a woman who’s more learned that he can get along well with. 
  11. [+329, -169] To be honest..Song Hye Kyo had too many rumors
  12. [+157, -49] Isn’t this just a ring? Stop writing novels

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