Netizens are in awe of Song Hye Kyo‘s upgraded goddess visuals.

The actress posted several photos on her Instagram on the 31st showing off her luminous long straight hair as well as a video of an interview conducted with Bottega Veneta.

Song Hye Kyo revealed in the interview, “I like late evenings the most. Because I can enjoy the free time to my hearts content.” She also added that “she’s the happiest when she’s eating good food with people she loves as this is when she her most natural self.”

When asked about something that has stayed constant since she was a child, she stated, “The people I knew since childhood are still by my side.”

A post shared by Hyekyo Song (@kyo1122) on

A post shared by Hyekyo Song (@kyo1122) on

Source: Herald Pop, My Daily

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