Article: Stylist A, “NO, we never agreed on a settlement…Irene directly apologized to me”

Source: Money Today

Stylist A that exposed Red Velvet Irene‘s “abuse” controversy has given an additional position.

A wrote on her Instagram on 23rd, “I wanted to get an apology from C directly so I met up with C [Irene] and heads of company B [SM]. I was never an official stylist for Red Velvet I was just commissioned by the company as an outsourced stylist for 1 day for a filming schedule. This happened when I was with one junior editor and one assistant that helped me with my schedule that day. Those two also planned a place to meet up for an apology.”

A added, “There is no such thing as a monetary agreement (with Irene). Yesterday, the word “settlement” never even came up. It was a meeting to receive an apology, not an agreement. We asked company B [SM] and C [Irene] for an official apology where they thoroughly acknowledged their fault, apologized and promised not to act that way in the future.”

A also warned her fans writing, “If you’re a fan that really cares about Irene, please stop crossing the line now.” She also appealed to fans and media saying, “I hope you will stop writing speculative posts and articles that will leave greater wounds and damage to everyone.”

  1. [+1,391, -10] At this point, it’s industry vs. industry. They went through that hell together as a group for 20 minutes so as a senior she probably thought she couldn’t just let it go. If she did, the hoobae’s would’ve chosen to just endure it since their sunbae did too. They would’ve thought “even our senior had to endure the unfair treatment and has no power…” Uh~the only thing they could do in that situation is just cry..
  2. [+1,390, -12]So she wasn’t the only one abused, the whole group was..? The victim really took responsibility.
  3. [+1,275, -11] In summary, nothing good will come out if you dig further because worse things will come outㅇㅇㄹ. The fans are picking at a beehiveㅇㅇㄹ. 
  4. [+878, -2] But what kind of apology is shorter than the victim’s statement?
  5. [+677, -3] Now this is a post from a real adult
  6. [+501, -1] She wanted to receive an apology in person to protect her dignity as a human. I sincerely empathize with her. I’ve gone through something similar at my job and with my chaebol mother-in-law and felt that no matter what I tried, no one saw what I was going through so I just endured the unfair treatment. But if you keep bowing down, they take you for granted and you end up hating yourself and suffering mental damage on your own. Especially in a situation where your juniors are being abused? I really applaud her courage as a senior. You did well. 
  7. [+398, -3] Wow, I don’t know if its because she’s an editor but that was very well written. 
  8. [+381, -5] I can’t even begin to imagine the sh** they endured in that hellish 20 minutes..? Irene’s character is seriously trash!
  9. [+300, -4] And yet her make-up artist Soo-kyung came out with a statement on her own defending Irene with this much evidence and witnesses?????????????? How much money did they pay her to turn this into a non-issue? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Is she sure she’s talking about same Ireneㅎㅎㅎ?
  10. [+179, -0] Irene is someone from a huge entertainment company…they’re 100% burying this with money.

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