Pann: Super M becomes global ambassadors of Korean Air

1. [+153, -19] Of course, the models have to be handsome ones.

2. [+140, -32] Seeing how Korean Air appoints them as global ambassadors, Super M must be doing very well. They’ve been charting on Billboard 200 for 4 weeks straight.

3. [+126, -49] Expecting “that” fandom to come and downvote this post.

4. [+54, -6] No matter how much you claim this group to be a bubble, SM’s stocks skyrocketed since their billboard results, they signed a contract with CAA, filmed a Korean Air CF, and are charting on billboard for 4 weeks. I can’t believe how the top comments have been calling them a bubble ㅋㅋ People can’t stand others doing well.

5. [+45, -6] What’s with people that say they have no popularity? Super M might be lacking in popularity because they’re new as a group but they’re EXO, SHINee, and NCT. NCT doesn’t have popularity in Korea but they’re doing well overseas. I’m not a fan of the three groups but I’m commenting because I don’t agree that they don’t have popularity.

6. [+43, -6] This is a true definition of a country and a welfare. So handsome.

7. [+41, -0] From now on, all foreigners who get on Korean Air in Korea will watch Super M’s video before the plane takes off ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s been a trend of foreign airlines where celebrities and movie characters appear in flight instructional videos. I guess Korean Air decided to take up on the trend as well. Daebak.

8. [+39, -3] Of course, idols are all about face. They’re talented as well.

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