Article: ‘Pregnant before marriage’, Han Ah-reum: “Blessed, Don’t spoil it with embarrassing comments”

Source: Xports News

Former T-ara member Han Ahreum is asking netizens to stop shaming her.

Han Ahreum posted on her Instagram on the 6th and said, “I’m just as good with words. I hope this is a comment written by really young people,” she angrily wrote. 

“Is it a crime to get pregnant? Is it a crime to be with someone you love? We’re not getting married because of a baby. We love each other and decided to get married first. Rather than honeymooning, we wanted a baby quickly so that we can play and travel with our child.”

She added, “Don’t ruin these blessings with embarrassing comments. You’re a human too and was born that way! Aren’t you ashamed? I have nothing to be ashamed of.”

Han Ah-reum had originally announced she would be getting married on February 9th next year. However, she announced that she had moved the wedding date to the 20th because she was pregnant.

  1. [+4,732, -708] It’s nothing to be ashamed of but it’s nothing to brag about either.
  2. [+2,668, -354] A pregnant woman that speaks very cheaply like this.
  3. [+1,759, -32] Did T-ara have a member like this?
  4. [+1,866, -683] Instead of upsetting your parents and allowing people to send you even more malicious comments, just keep quiet and take care of your child.
  5. [+790, -84] Oh yeah~ well, have a good life ㅋㅋ
  6. [+628, -25] I’m getting goosebumps. What kind of pregnant person is this crass. 
  7. [+581, -10] Don’t you want to work anymore? Just stay quiet with your family. Stop leaving comments like this for the whole public to see on Naver.
  8. [+456, -9] Look at that cheap tone of writing. She’s gonna have to do a lot of prenatal care
  9. [+386, -11] What a disgrace to tell people they were born that way. At least I wasn’t born through a shotgun wedding. It’s not shameful to get pregnant before marriage but its nothing to brag about.
  10. [+347, -6] Was it necessary to bring it up? This is a private matter that only yourself, your family and close acquaintances need to know. 
  11. [+274, -12] Just admit its a shotgun wedding. Stop with the excuses and swearing at people, you’re just giving yourself a bad name. Tell it straight. Even elementary kids are better than you. 
  12. [+205, -1] Just don’t do SNS. You don’t need people’s blessings to raise your child happily. It’s pathetic to curse people out publicly like this. 
  13. [+175, -3] This is the most attention she’s ever gotten since debut. 

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