Article: [Exclusive] Changmin confirms his first relationship in 16 years since debut… “warm blessings for the couple”

Source: SPOTV News

TVXQ‘s Changmin, 31, has fallen in love.

According to SPOTV, Changmin is reportedly dating a younger woman, a non-celebrity, who has nothing to do with the entertainment industry.

Changmin met his girlfriend through an acquaintance and their relationship developed into lovers. This is Changmin’s first relationship since debut 16 years ago. According to reports, the people around him are giving warm blessings to the couple.

His agency SM Entertainment also confirmed the news on the 30th stating, “Changmin is dating a non-celebrity.”

Changmin is currently starring in JTBC variety ‘Manners of Taste.’

  1. [+11,562, -211] This is why it’s so important how you live your life. When news of Toilet’s wedding surfaced he got ridiculed, meanwhile, everyone is sending warm blessings to Changminㅋ
  2. [+4,267, -43] Congratulations!
  3. [+3,050, -34] Congratulations! I envy your girlfriend ㅠㅠ
  4. [+529, -6] First dating news in 16 years. It’s amazing how he managed himself
  5. [+472, -18] If you live your life straight like Changmin, be sincere and make a lot of donations to society, if you’re a celebrity like that, who would object to dating at 31? I want to congratulate you all the way to your marriage. He’s a singer and idol group member but I hope he’s a TVXQ member for 30 more years and I’m sure he’ll decide on marriage when it feels right. I’m sure she’s a great person too if she got to date someone like Changmin. I hope we’ll hear news of your wedding soon. Congratulations on your beautiful love. I will always support Changmin and Yunho regardless of whether they’re dating or not..
  6. [+402, -20] I can see why TVXQ got split like that…he’s a good man. Congratulations!
  7. [+369, -6] Wow, not one scandal since debut. He’s amazing. He was a choding at the time but I remember how all the women went crazy over him when they debuted with ‘hug’. I remember it so vividly but the years have passed so quickly. I hope he gets to marry a good woman and be happy. 
  8. [+214, -6] It’s terrible that reporters revealed his relationship publicly seeing as she’s a non-celebrity
  9. [+75, -12] And yet they’re still people comparing them to toiletㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ. Changmin and Yunho have been in TVXQ for more than 10 years and still maintained their popularity with no scandals. The group was better off once the problematic members left ㅋㅋㅋ
  10. [+41, -5] I don’t know why but I envy her for some reason, congratulations!

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