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Naver recently made an update to their portal regarding malicious comments that we wanted to share with you. Effective October 2019, Naver rolled out their ‘clean bot’ initiative regarding malicious comments posted on their site.

First off, to leave a comment on Naver, users are required to sign in or create a profile. The ‘Clean Bot’ then uses AI technology to detect comments that contain offensive language and hides them automatically from the comment section. Since it is AI tech, its accuracy on detecting malicious comments gets better as it learns user behavior in the long-term.

Note: Users can toggle the ‘Clean Bot’ off/on to include or not include malicious comments, if any. 

Please note: This will not affect our translations. We will continue translating comments from the comment section in the order they’re upvoted unless they’re similar. We may also include comments from the lower tier to provide even representation of netizen reactions from both sides. But to avoid unwanted exclusion, we’ll be deactivating ‘Clean Bot’ to include all comments.

As always, we will continue being transparent with our readers regarding choices made on the blog and hope we can continue to improve your reader experience. You can also read more about our curation process for the blog here and our FAQs here.

Thank you always for your endless support, and we’ll see you on the site!

Happy K-Poppin!

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