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Upvotes & downvotes for sexual preferences

Pann: Sexual upvotes & downvotes since it’s dawn

1. [+2089, -437] Your partner seduces you vs. You seduce them

2. [+1580, -991] Breathless, rough, sexy kiss vs. Soft, romantic kiss

3. [+1076, -101] Partner who moans non-stop vs. Partner who doesn’t make any sound

4. [+959, -509] “Say what you want me to do” vs. “Please do this for me…”

5. [+914, -351] Exciting and passionate vs. Slow and romantic

6. [+695, -173] Normal sex vs. Cosplay sex

7. [+668, -1065] You cry vs. You make them cry

8. [+568, -95] Your partner smells like soap vs. perfume

9. [+561, -209] You get teased and edged vs. You make them teased and edged

10. [+524, -252] To do it at school: nurse’s office vs. empty classroom

11. [+514, -166] Boyfriend who kisses you every time he sees you vs. Boyfriend who doesn’t kiss you unless you ask him to

12. [+511, -10] To do it in a completely dark space (you can’t see anything) vs. To do it in a really bright place (you can see every tiny hair)

13. [+507, -74] A guy who seems uninterested in girls, is studious and cold but turns into a beast at night vs. A guy who has a lot of aegyo and is witty but turns into a cutie at night

14. [+475, -96] You get penetrated vs. You penetrate them with a dildo

15. [+469, -65] Guy with bangs vs. with hair pulled back

16. [+440, -194] You suck his and listen to his moaning vs. You watch him do yours with his mouth

17. [+425, -459] Rough and powerful vs. soft

18. [+406, -22] Your partner drops whipped cream on your body and licks it vs. Your partner drops whipped cream on your body and grinds their body on yours

19. [+397, -117] Doing it at home for safety vs. Doing it at a risky place like the stairs or a classroom

20. [+396, -436] Noob vs. skilled

21. [+388, -49] Your partner gets horny from your face and your moaning vs. Your partner’s face and moaning gets you horny

22. [+376, -413] Saying sexual things, hands tied, rough sex vs. Soft, slow sex

23. [+365, -96] Kiss that focuses on your neck vs. Kiss that focuses on your breasts

24. [+359, -115] Sex with a shirt on vs. Sex with no clothes at all

25. [+358, -4] Shower before sex vs. skip shower

26. [+352, -209] You get home at late night because you’ve been drinking, so in the next morning, your boyfriend penetrates you hard to scold you vs. Your boyfriend gets home drunk at dawn and he kisses you and you have sex right away

27. [+351, -247] Guy with pale body vs. Guy with a dark body

28. [+351, -43] Assuming that the mood is set and you’re wet enough: The guy starts with his mouth or hand vs. He puts it in right away

29. [+346, -122] You like it when your boyfriend caresses your down there vs. You don’t like it because you’re shy

30. [+333, -56] Thighs vs. Hips

31. [+314, -30] Touching up and down at the same time vs. Focusing on one part

32. [+281, -97] Kissing your celebrity bias vs. Caressing your crush

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