Article: Yang Hyun Suk, former CEO of YG Entertainment, sold his YG Plus affiliate shares to his younger brother

Source: Yonhap News

YG Plus, a KOSPI listed company, made a public announcement on the 30th that its share ownership ratio of its CEO Yang Min Suk increased from 4.45% to 11.88%.

The company explained that its shareholders Yang Min Suk bought 4,385,964 shares of common shares over the counter from his brother Yang Hyun Suk.

As a result, Yang Hyun Suk, former CEO of YG Entertainment, will have minority shares at YG Plus as his total stake in the company has been reduced to .62%.

The largest shareholder of YG Plus is now YG Entertainment (the company) with 37.63% stake, followed by YG Plus CEO and Yang Hyun Suk’s brother Yang Min Suk.

YG Plus is an affiliate of YG Entertainment and has major businesses including manufacturing and distribution sales as well being an advertising agency for YG artists.

  1. [+70, -12] The whole family are dogs..
  2. [+49, –4] They’re playing with the shareholder list like they’re just buying a car
  3. [+28, -1] I’m sure he’ll be getting kickbacks in the back anyway…how much did you pay to bury the investigations? Do you think you can quiet the rumors so easily..
  4. [+18, -2] It’s going right back in anyway ㅋ
  5. [+13, -1] Who’s behind you that even this guy doesn’t get punished?
  6. [+7, -1] Aren’t you embarrassed?
  7. [+6, -1] Let’s all join in and boycott YG~~
  8. [+1, -0] They’re brothers…what do you mean ㅋㅋ

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