Article: CL, are you leaving YG? “Discussing renewals…the question is where to go..”

Source: Sports Donga

YG Entertainment has released an official statement regarding CL’s contract renewal.

Amid reports that CL will be leaving YG, an official from YG told Sports Donga on the 7th, “we’re still discussing contract renewals. We haven’t made any decisions yet regarding future plans.”

YG is reportedly running into issues trying to renew CL’s contract because of CL’s long hiatus causing friction with the agency. In particular, CL took a shot at Yang Hyun Suk last year on social media drawing attention. There’s been rumors that CL has been excluded from the comeback lineup several times.

According to reports, CL is hoping to leave YG and start anew at another agency.

CL made her debut in 2009 with 2NE1 and renewed her contract with YG as a solo artist when the team disbanded in 2016.

Stay tuned for updates.

  1. [+436, -12] Yang Hyun Suk will regret losing CL for the rest of his life. She’s good at singing, rap, dance and has a presence like she was born for the stage. I can’t believe they blew years of her life like that. 
  2. [+324, -6] If YG has any shame left they’d let her go. They spent her peak years on the backburner while desperately clinging onto Blackpink. Don’t hold her back anymore. Go focus on your desperate Blackpink and let Sandara go too. YG is just an agency in name only they don’t give their other artists any support. Have some shame and let her go. 
  3. [+109, -2] Lee Chaerin, let’s walk the flower road from now on. This is just the beginning. 
  4. [+91, -5] Chaerin-ah, let’s escape YG
  5. [+57, -3] I don’t know if they’re on good terms anymore but just imagine the synergy if CL got back with the other members..
  6. [+17, -3] Aigoo~Sandara should leave too and they can all reunite as 2NE1
  7. [+17, -6] There’s nothing to be gained by staying. What has YG done for her all this time other than betray her? Sandara needs to leave too so that they can reunite on stage again as four.
  8. [+8, -1] If CL wants to be successful, she needs to leave that pharmacy! She’s so talented. All the fans know that Yang ba$tard was the one holding her back in her career..
  9. [+8, -1] How many years has she been holed up in there? Minzy left and went to another agency and she’s been on TV more than her! It’s not like she was the one accused of being a druggie so why isn’t she on TV and making her solo debut? What was YG doing that whole time???
  10. [+3, -1] Don’t mess with her career anymore and just let her go~

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