Article: YG’s share price falls to W22,000 amid Yang Hyun Suk’s pending summons. What will happen to the share price going forward?


YG stocks are on a continuous decline after a brief climb on the 20th and 23rd.

On the 25th, YG Entertainment stocks closed at 22,700 won, a 4.42% drop from the previous day. The stocks rose briefly over the weekend on the 23rd but this didn’t last long as they fell once again by 750 won on the 24th and 1,050 won on the 25th.

It’s worth noting that on the 25th, shares of the ‘Big 3‘ also fell. SM shares dropped 3.56% (1,150 won) while JYP shares also dropped 2.92% (650 won).

In the meantime, Seungri underwent second round of investigations on the 24th. Yang Hyun Suk was previously scheduled to attend summons on the 26th but summons have been postponed.

Many are looking closely to see how police will conclude the investigations.

Additional source: Business Post

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